Smart express cabinet product description

Components: a main cabinetThe main cabinet is used as the operation area of the terminal equipment, and the secondary cabinet is used as the goods storage cabinet。

1Brief introduction of system hardware architecture

This system uses Android main control board+Driver board architecture, used between the main control board and the driver board RS-485 Protocol communication。There are peripherals IC Card module, scanner gunPrinter, data module, Matrix keyboard, LCD screen,

Voice module,With tradition PC+The scheme of the drive board is compared with low power consumption, more stable, and high integration。系统 APP With the server will automatically detect whether there are any program updates, if there are updates will be automatically updated,Save the time of manual upgrade to the terminal。The main control board has reserved ports for accessing third-party payment devices。

1.1  Main control board:

1.1.1. IC card module:

  Id card brushThe card module, through the front-end module, can identify user information and perform corresponding operations。The main control board should be provided IC Cartoon interface。

1 .1. 2. Scanning gun:

  Through the scanning gun, you can identify one-dimensional barcode or two-dimensional code, scanning code gun will automatically standby when not in use, when needed

  Instant activation。

  Interface type:RS232

1. 1. 3. Data module:

  Wireless data modules, including3G 模块,4G模块。

1 .1. 4. Matrix keyboard:

  Matrix keyboard, adopted 4X4 The row and column architecture serves as a front-end input backup。

1.1.5. Bar code printer interface :

  Main control board supplyprinter接口。

1.1.6.Voice speaker interface:

  The main control board provides the voice output function and can play the pre-recorded voice clips according to the design requirements。

1.1. 7. Display interface:

   采用 15.6 Inch infrared touch screen。

1.1.8. 5 RS485  接口 :

   RS485 The interface communicates with the driver board

1.1 .9. Video surveillance interface:

   Offer two ways CVBS Analog camera input interface, one SATA Hard disk data and power interface。

1.1 .10. Video capture interface:

   The main control board should be equipped with a video capture interface camera。

· 投递

1Follow the voice prompts and click "on the main screen of the terminal operation".存件”键;2Swipe your card to log in or enter your phone number and password and press "OK" to log in;3Choose the size of the box, according to the size of the object to choose to adapt to the large, medium and small boxAnd pay the corresponding fees4、此时Open the corresponding cabinet door,条码printer打开,Print the bar code strip, attach it to the object, close the door:5, "Successful delivery", the interface appears "return" or "continue delivery", and the system willUser information is passed to the server。

· 取件

1、Perform operations as prompted. On the main screen of the terminal, tap the Retrieve key to enter the retrieve screen. The voice prompts "Please enter the retrieve password".2Enter the SMS password received by the recipient, open the cabinet door with the correct password, take out the object, and close the cabinet door manually。Pick-up complete, set time20SThe system automatically returns to the main screen。

  · 充值

1  When registering an account for the first time, the user can fill in the information and then recharge the account to complete the registration. After that, the user can directly click the recharge button, enter the recharge amount and choose wechat or Alipay to recharge the account。

Product features:

1 智能Cabinet based on iot technology, yesEquipment for identifying, staging, monitoring, and managing pieces。
2 Smart cabinet and the server system are networked to form an intelligent terminal delivery and pick-up system. The server sends information to the customer's mobile phone. The customer can pick up, deliver and pick up with the pick-up code in simple steps。
3 The background of the cloud server manages all express cabinet terminals in a unified manner, and integrates and analyzes user big data。
4. The system is highly secure. Asymmetric encryption technology is used to encrypt communication between the express cabinet and the service side to ensure the security of data. The cabinet is designed to prevent skid and two full HD cameras on both sides of the cabinet are monitored 24 hours a day。

5 High stability, intelligent express cabinet technology offline cache processing function, in the network conditions are relatively poor environment can be cached locally, offline business processing, the greatest guarantee of stable service execution。
6 Support terminal remote management, transportation control, video surveillance。The application software version can be remotely updated periodically。

7 Smart cabinet features convenient use, perfect information, high safety and high delivery efficiency。

8 The express cabinet interface is clear and easy for customers to operate

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