● Operation interface

Users can send and receive packages through the operation interface

The front end of the device (cabinet) is responsible for user interaction and data acquisition, and acts as a window in the entire system.

The advantages and disadvantages of the front-end experience will directly affect the user experience, and then affect the overall market acceptance。

Basic functions of front-end software:

1) Full touch interface, touch screen operation sensitive and stable;

2) Strong icon visualization, can accurately reflect the equipment operating status, accurate positioning;

3) With virtual keys, you can complete all operations without the help of external keys;

4) Equipped with metal encryption keyboard;

5) The front-end software provides the basic user query function, that is, the user enters the mobile phone number or the tracking number, the system can determine whether the express is in the express cabinet;

6) The front-end software can be set to networking, non-networking, in non-networking mode, the stand-alone version can complete some operations。

Product features:

1 Courier cabinet Based on the technology of the Internet of Things, to identify, temporary storage, monitoring and management of Courier equipment。
2 Intelligent express cabinet and server system network to form intelligent terminal express delivery and pick-up system, server sends information to the customer's mobile phone, the customer with the pick-up code to pick up, delivery, pick-up steps are simple。
3 The background of the cloud server manages all express cabinet terminals in a unified manner, and integrates and analyzes user big data。
4. The system is highly secure. Asymmetric encryption technology is used to encrypt communication between the express cabinet and the service side to ensure the security of data. The cabinet is designed to prevent skid and two full HD cameras on both sides of the cabinet are monitored 24 hours a day。

5 High stability, intelligent express cabinet technology offline cache processing function
6 Support terminal remote management, transportation control, video surveillance。The application software version can be remotely updated periodically。

7 Smart express cabinet features convenient use, perfect information, high security and high delivery efficiency。

8 The express cabinet interface is clear and easy for customers to operate

Standard feature configuration:
1, application functions: the use of Courier login account delivery, background push SMS, user password access, cloud server background management mode
2, unpacking method: input password unpacking, postman delivery unpacking, later Courier retrieve express unpacking, administrator emergency unpacking。
3 Management mode: cloud platform server, operation by special personnel of the unit, remote terminal update, account management, data statistics query。
4, door configuration: large, large, medium and small express door, independent main cabinet, deputy cabinet 16 doors, main cabinet with 2 groups of attached cabinets。

       Technical parameter

A device that identifies, stores, monitors and manages objects based on iot technology。The intelligent cabinet and the server system are networked to form an intelligent terminal delivery and pick-up system. The Courier enters the express information at the front of the cabinet and stores the express, the server collects and integrates the express information, and the SMS platform sends the information to the customer's mobile phone. The customer can pick up, deliver and pick up the steps by the pick-up code。The background of the cloud server carries out unified management of all express cabinet terminals, and integrates and analyzes the user's big data。

     Feature description


1) The cabinet is equipped with an ID card identification module. Users can register an account through their ID card when using it for the first time. There is a reserved interface on the main control board for accessing third-party payment devices, and users can recharge their accounts

2) Strong visualization of the icon, can accurately reflect the operating status of the equipment, accurate positioning, with virtual keys, you can complete all operations without the help of external keys;

3) Data collection is carried out at the front end of the cabinet, and then the user information and related box number are passed into the server, and the server integrates the data, and the manager can view the cabinet information and user information through the server

4) The front-end software provides basic user query function, that is, the user enters the mobile phone number or order number, and the system can determine whether the object is in the cabinet;When the items are stored and removed, the cabinet will send corresponding information to the user's mobile phone to remind the user of the status of the items。

5) The cabinet has the function of advertising playback, which can play advertising videos at any time to increase the profit channel of operators. The cabinet is equipped with two hemispherical cameras above the cabinet, and the face camera is installed in the center of the cabinet, which effectively ensures the safety of user items


Product quality Assurance (1 year)

From the date of purchase, Wikingli will provide the buyer with a free replacement of the product within 1 year, and will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, intentional or unintentional damage and hidden dangers caused by improper installation and use。If there are any quality problems with the product, please contact the relevant sales person and describe the problem。

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